Going for (RoSPA) Gold

Nigel with his RoSPA Test Record Card

Many congratulations to Starfish Driving Instructor Nigel Steady on passing the RoSPA Advanced Driving Test at Gold standard on Friday 5th October 2012.  This grade is recognised as the highest driving award available to the public and in theory should mean that the recipient has the potential, with the basics already in place, to do well on a police advanced course.  This is the first time Nigel has taken the test and he will have to retake the test every three years so that he can prove that he is maintaining the standard.

As Nigel says:

I guess going for Gold is rather appropriate in this Olympic year and it was good to get a taste of how my students feel when they go for their driving test.  On and off over the last months I have worked with a local RoSPA Trainer to take my driving to another level.  It was certainly not straight forward and as ‘slow but steady’ is pretty much my motto, it was a challenge to me to get used to driving at higher speeds where appropriate.  In my normal driving I like to take things easy but to obtain a Gold I had to demonstrate that I could make good progress safely and in full control without taking any risks, being totally aware of what was ahead of me and being able to plan my progress rather than simply driving in a reactive way.
What is really good is that I can take these techniques and skills I have acquired and pass them on to my own students as they prepare for their Practical Driving Test.  It will not only help them with the test but hopefully make them better and safer drivers once they have passed their test.

If you want more information about the RoSPA Advanced Driving then take a look at their website or why not join a local group and have a go yourself?  You’ll be amazed how useful you’ll find it.  Taunton RoADAR (RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders)

See many other successful students here!

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